Hellbender Bluff Park

Hellbender Map

This park is named after the endangered Hellbender Salamander found in the creek that runs through it. The salamander grows up to two feet long and loves fast flowing, pollution free water.

There are 2 parking lots. The main lot is located at 14448 East Liverpool Road Lisbon and another lot is located on the backside of the park on Lones Road.

If you visit Hellbender Bluff Park anytime soon you will notice some construction and new additions. Thanks to a recent ODNR Natureworks Grant the Park District was able to install a fully paved Pump Track bicycle track (keep in mind the track is not fully finished but is ride able, and soon a new pavilion will be available for use at Hellbender Bluff.

We do caution anyone riding the PumpTrack at Hellbender Bluff it is RIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK. and HELMETS ARE REQUIRED. Also bicycles are to be kept in the area of the Pump Track Only.

This park contains 752 acres of public hunting grounds that have been reforested in recent years. Public Hunting laws apply.

A 3.5 mile trail loops through the park going through fields, past the West Fork of the Little Beaver Creek, wooded areas, a pond and the reforestation areas. The trail is a strenuous walk and this should be considered before hiking. 

Hiking Trail Map: Click Here—>Hellbender Bluff Trail map April 2012

This is a great place for bird watchers, flower lovers, photographers, outdoorsman, and more!

Hellbender Bluff Park map